About the Author

Bonnie is a courageous, compassionate woman who has lived a life full of love, friendships and hope.  Despite many life challenges, she found the strength to endure and battle constant struggles due to a life threatening diagnosis and mental illness.  She suffered days filled with managing health issues and ineffective mental health providers. This was a painful process she had to fight alone.  Due to the uncaring negligence of her care takers – the medical system that completely failed her – she lost everything.  Facing the enormity to recover and live a healthy life she moved to Gloucester, MA and claimed the better things in life she fought for and deserved.

Bonnie and her family participated in the unscripted, award winning, highly acclaimed documentary the “Bonnie Tapes.”  The tapes discussed her recovery from mental illness and how her parents and sister bravely dealt with issues surrounding Bonnie’s illness.

Bonnie wishes to continue to reach out to share the message that recovery from life-long trauma is possible and to help others find a place in the world.

Bonnie Twomey