Is Recovery From Mental Illness Possible?

Each individual has different levels and capabilities of learning new coping skills. Some may find that time and the right combination of medication and living in a healthy environment works well. Therapy and building a strong support system are important to the well-being of creating a healthy emotional state.

Depending on the extent of the disability, having an advocate (e.g., a person who can take over care for the person when they are incapable of making decisions on their own) is imperative. It is almost impossible for someone severely disabled to go it alone and not get lost in the system.

However, most people who live with a mental health disability also work, go to school and have normal relationships.  Although we live in a stigma happy society, which has a way of underestimating the abilities and strengths of people who live with a disability, many programs today advocate and promote wellness and recovery. There even exist peer-run programs helping to provide support in unique ways that other professionals, who haven’t experienced a disability, cannot.

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